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My Portfolio Website

A Full Stack App to Showcase My Projects and Writings

Crafted in under a month using the dynamic Svelte framework!

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Careers Web App

A Customizable Private Careers Platform

An adaptable web application for listing available jobs within the company, offering personalized configuration options, and facilitating job applications once users create their CVs and upload necessary documents.

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Loan Reference System Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure for Automated Deployment

This project streamlines the deployment of a comprehensive system environment using Kubernetes for local testing, and seamless transition to any cloud provider, empowered by Kubernetes management.

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Flutter Localizations Tale

A Flutter Example for Localizations

A minimal localizations example using flutter and material app widget, contains a demonstration of the internationalization power in Flutter with ease.

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Drug Supply Chain DApp

Smart Contracts App Illustrating a Decentralized Drug Chain

An Ethereum-based supply chain DApp that traces the journey of a drug from Designer to Buyer(consumer), with approval by a Regulator. Manufacturers control drug designs and collaborate via partner contracts. Distributors facilitate movement from Manufacturer to Retailer to Consumer.

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Decentracosmos DApp

Smart Contracts App Utilizing ERC721 Implementation

Explore an imaginative cosmos where endless galaxies hold a unique number of stars, each represented as an ERC721 Non-Fungible Token. Trade stars among users, and who knows, perhaps one day you'll transform the sky into an augmented masterpiece, exploding stars on a magnificent day.